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  • How Long does it take to film a fpv tour?
    Residential shoots normally take about 60-90 minutes. Larger projects can take a couple of hours. Any other walkthrough video or promotional video can typically be completed within a day.
  • Is Alex a certified drone pilot?
    Yes, I am a EASA certified pilot and have a A1/A3 and A2 License for europe. I am also registered and insured.
  • What are FPV drones?
    FPV (First Person View) drones are extremely fast and agile drones that transmit a live image via a camera, which the pilot sees through video glasses and controls manually without sensors or electronic aids. Not everyone can fly an FPV drone. It requires long flying practice and technical knowledge.
  • Whats the benefit of a drone tour vs a regular video tour?
    Since drone video tours are shot entirely in one take, viewers have a much better sense of the layout and size of a property as opposed to standard videos. You’re also able to achieve camera angles that would be otherwise impossible.
  • Shipping time and rates.
    Orders shipped from our location in Europe to a European destination may take between 5-10 business days to ship from order processing. For orders shipped from our location in Europe to non-EU regions, the delivery time can be between 10 and 20 working days. Digital Products will be emailed to you within a few hours as a download link. DACH: Free Shipping Germany, Austria, Switzerland INTERNATIONAL: Free Shipping Europe, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, EFTA countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Worldwide
  • Can I return something I bought?
    Unfortunately, digital products cannot be returned. This also applies to prints, because these are not kept in stock, but are only printed when the order is placed. Shop Policy
  • What is Lightroom?
    Lightroom is a popular editing program in which you can import, sort, edit, export and upload your images. And all of this super easy, fast and with all the options in terms of colors and imagery.
  • Can I apply the presets to any image?
    You can apply any preset to any image, whether JPEG or RAW. However, you will achieve the best results for your images if you take them in RAW format and then edit them in this format. A RAW refers to the raw data format in photography. Photos taken in RAW format contain all the image information captured by the image sensor. Images captured in RAW format are basically like a digital negative that needs to be developed afterwards. Due to the wealth of information, these files have arelatively large filesize. However, it is really worth shooting pictures in this format, as they look much better when edited (including when using the presets). There are fewer burned out areas, they don't get as grainy and the exposure and shadows can be edited much more precisely with RAW formats.
  • Do the Presets make my images look the same as yours?
    Unfortunately, it will never look exactly the same because too many factors (camera, exposure, time of day, colors) play a role. However, with the Presets you have the same basis as me, since I use these Presets for my own pictures. This gives you a great basis for creating your own individual style.
  • What is a preset?
    Basically, presets are filters that you can apply to your images. Their application changes colors, contrast, sharpness, highlights and shadows, among other things, and creates the look you want with just one click.
  • How to install presets in adobe lightroom?
    Adobe Lightroom CC Unzip the ALTRA Presets Pack. Start Adobe Lightroom CC. Click on "File" in the top left of the navigation. In the context menu, select the item "Import profiles and specifications". Now navigate to the location of the downloaded presets and select the presets. Confirm by clicking on "Import". Adobe Lightroom Classic Unzip the ALTRA Presets Pack. Start Lightroom Classic. Switch to the "Develop" window. The "Specifications" are displayed on the left. Click on the plus symbol next to "Presets". Select "Import Presets" in the context menu. Then navigate to the downloaded presets and select the presets. Confirm the selection by clicking on "Import". Adobe Photoshop Unzip the ALTRA Presets Pack. Copy th presets to following folder: Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings Windows: C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings Open any photo into Photoshop. Go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter. Click on the Presets tab and you should find the Lightroom presets here. You can also click the „three dot” and choose “import”, browse to the presets and click “ok”.
  • Do the LUTs make my videos look the same as yours?
    Unfortunately, it will never look exactly the same because too many factors (camera, exposure, time of day, colors) play a role. However, with the LUTs you have the same basis as me, since I use these LUTs for my own videos. This gives you a great basis for creating your own individual style.
  • How do I install a LUT?
    Copie the .cube Files to the following folders: Adobe LUT Folder Locations PC "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder 2023\Lumetri\LUTs\" "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro 2023\Lumetri\LUTs\" "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2023\Support Files\Lumetri\LUTs" MAC "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common" Davinci Resolve Folder Locations PC "C:\ProgramData\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\LUT" MAC "/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve" Final Cut Pro Folder Location MAC “Library/Application Support/ProApps/Camera LUTs”
  • How do I use a LUT?
    Adobe Premiere Pro Open your footage in Premiere Pro. Right click within the Project panel. Select New Item, then Adjustment Layer. Click OK in the dialog box. With your new adjustment layer selected, go to the Color menu (at the top of the program). Open the Creative tab in the Lumetri Color panel. Click the dropbox next to Look to open the menu. You can now select a LUT from the menu or click Browse to find one you’ve saved on your device. Adobe After Effects Start a new project or open an existing one in Adobe After Effects. Right click on the timeline and select New Adjustment Layer. With the adjustment layer selected go to Effect > Utility > Apply Color LUT (or drag and drop Apply Color LUT if the Effects and Presets panel is visible). Browse in the dialog box to find and select the desired LUT. Final Cut Pro Select your footage in the Final Cut Pro timeline. Open the Effects browser, select the Color category on the left, then select Custom LUT. Click the Video icon (it looks like a short film strip). In the Custom LUT tab of the Video inspector, click LUT > Choose Custom LUT. Find and select the desired LUT and click Open. DaVinci Resolve Open your project in DaVinci Resolve. At the bottom right of the program you’ll see the Settings icon. Click on it. Under Color Management, select Open LUT Folder. You can now open a Finder window containing your LUT. Drag and drop the correct file into the open DaVinci Resolve folder. Close the folders and refresh your options by clicking Update Lists. Select your LUT from the 3D Input Lookup Table dropdown menu and click Save. LumaFusion Open your clip and double tap it in the timeline. If any LUTs are already loaded, you’ll see thumbnails of them. Below those thumbnails, you’ll see an arrow pointing to the right, into a rectangle. Tap that icon. Now you will see a menu of supported places to import from. Browse to find and select the LUT you wish to import and use. Adobe Photoshop Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Lookup. (You can also pull this option up directly from the Layers menu, just like any other adjustment layer.) Now you’ll see the Color Lookup options. Check 3DLUT File, then click the dropdown box for that option. You may see some preloaded LUTs. You can select any of those you like, or you can select Load 3D LUT to browse your device for the LUT file you want. Adobe Lightroom Navigate to Develop tab. Click on Profile Browser button. Click the Plus + sign and select Import Profiles option. Navigate to the folder and select the .xmp profiles to import. Your newly installed LUTs will appear in Profile Browser and are ready to be used. To apply a LUT simply click on the appropriate LUT thumbnail.
  • What are conversion Luts?
    Conversion LUTs are technical LUTs that are used to convert flat (LOG) footage into various image standards such as Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020. Basically, converting one color space to another. Creative LUTs, on the other hand, can be applied to any material and are intended to achieve a specific look.
  • What is a LUT?
    LUT stands for “look-up table.” A LUT is a tool that lets filmmakers, editors, and colorists save particular color grades as a template. Think of a LUT as a color preset that a filmmaker can readily turn to when working on a project.
  • What is so special about Hahnemühle prints?
    Hahnemühle prints are known for their exceptional quality and durability. They offer outstanding color accuracy, detail and impressive depth of color. In addition, they are acid-free and fade-resistant, meaning they will retain their original quality for many years. This makes them one of the highest quality options for fine art prints.
  • In which sizes are the Hahnemühle prints available?
    The prints are available from 29x42 cm to 100x70 cm and can be selected on the product page.
  • How should I care for my Hahnemühle prints to ensure their longevity?
    To ensure the longevity of your Hahnemühle prints, you should protect them from direct sunlight and store them in a dry, cool room. It is also advisable to only touch the prints with clean, dry hands or with cotton gloves to avoid oil and dirt deposits.
  • How are the images printed?
    The images are produced as giclée prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, which is known for its excellent color accuracy and detail. This high-quality printing process makes them ideal for fine art prints.
  • Are the prints framed?
    You can choose between framed and unframed. I choose the matching high quality frame and the passepartout for the framed prints. The frames have also a mount included. If you have a special request or want to buy a specific picture that is not in the store, please contact me..
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