FPV Video Production


Whether you're an agency, promoter, real estate agent, business owner or just looking for a unique shot for an ad, I can achieve camera angles like you've never seen before!

FPV drones are extremely fast and agile drones that transmit a live image via a camera, which the pilot sees through video glasses and controls manually without sensors or electronic aids.

Flying small drones indoors is a new and unique service. On request everything as a one-take.


FPV drones are smaller, more agile and faster than traditional drones. Speeds of up to 150 km/h can be reached and small openings of 25x25cm can be flown through. Flying close to people and in wet areas or in the rain is also possible.

This results in new creative and dynamic possibilities for the presentation of landscapes, events, real estate and premises. In addition, I can use the drones to film processes in manufacturing and production in a so-called one-take and thus create an unprecedented recording. 

My drones are self-made and always state-of-the-art, so my drones are tailored to me, always ready to go and repairable immediately if necessary.

Of course I have a license, I'm registered and insured.

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Photos for

Architecture, Real Estate, Hotels, Companies

Photos for

Resort & Hiking Areas, Lakes, 
Landscapes, Mountains, Nature

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